Woes of being Diabetic

Deathwish coffee

Before reading too far, I keep bouncing from pre-diabetic to diabetic. So I am going to document what things cause what effects, for me, that maybe it will inspire others to overcome their diabetic challenges.

Coffee & Creamer

I love coffee, I hate sugar. Simple as that. However, every creamer I have tried cranks my glucose level through the roof. I was wondering why I have been feeling like garbage recently, and now I know why.

So far the safest creamer I have found is using just highly filtered coconut oil or 2% milk.

Also I drink tons of green tea. Not as a dietary decision, but just because I like it. I don’t like how Keurig brews tea, so I don’t use it for that. I have a steeping pot for that.

The importance of the green tea is that as much as I drink, my glucose nosedives, and I feel a hell of a lot better.

Stop eating that which poisons you, even if you like it.

Today’s image is Deathwish coffee. If you are putting anything in this coffee then you are not manly enough to drink it.

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