The first fallen: Chapter 1, The great liar

From a brilliantly lite room, a voice is heard yelling out, “Shakran!” It was from the most beautiful man ever seen. His countenance was like the morning light, and his features were desirable by men and women. He was tall, with a slight figure but tightly wound with his muscles. To see him, it was like you were staring at a man who taught the snakes to slither with majesty on their bellies. His name was once Lucifer, but now most call him HaSatan.

“Here I am.” replied a mellow-sweat voice. “How may I serve.”

“Look here. Look at those little things. They live such futile lives. Waking up, going to bed, mating, waring, working, stealing, loving, and murdering. Their life is from birth to death is not but a struggle to repeat their own lives into their offspring.” HaSatan said with nothing but distain on his face. “How they should cry for me to be their savior, and to give them purpose and reason. To drive them to a unified force to worship me.”

He continued, now near ranting and raving, “I shall teach them their disobedience to me. I shall teach them lust, and they shall lust after each other’s things. They shall steal and kill for them. I shall teach them to hate, and they shall find excuses to hate one another. I shall teach them murder, and they shall shape their hate to a weapon to murder one another. In the end, they will learn to dispair and see solace in their own folly and false gods. They will ignore their creator to create for themselves new clay and plastic gods. I shall inhabit each of their false gods, so they shall worship me in all my forms.”

From the shadows, that shouldn’t exist in such a well lit room, steps another form, “Shakran! You tool. Don’t just stand there, so spread your master’s news, his teaching, his gospel!” The form that stepped out is Baal, the possessor of human will. “I bend their will, and bring them to you, as even when they chant my name, they are yours. Is it time to harvest what is yours?

Maloch slips out from the path of Baal and states, “It isn’t time; the sacrifices are still rich from people that choose their folly over the gifts of life. These people celebrate their murders by bragging about their abortions. They are their preachers and zealots for the murder of the innocent. Why should we harvest yet?”

Finally, HaSatan abruptly shouts, “Shut it! I am still bound; the harvest is when the people turn so far from HaShem Elohim that he decides to break the covenant of the bow when there is no righteous one left to receive this reserved land; that is our day of harvest. When he will turn from those that were to be his people, and none shall be there, for they will have forgotten him, and worship me.”

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