My first installment of “#ItWouldHaveBeenNice”

MS gave us the URL to install and run Powershell script to add all of the versions of .NET core into my computer with one command. However, what they gave us is a url, that if you are not fluent in PowerShell Script, you won’t have a clue to install, because pasting the URL doesn’t do it.

So here is the solution that #ItWouldHaveBeenNice if Microsoft would have supplied that themselves.

invoke-webrequest -OutFile 'dotnet-install.ps1'; ./dotnet-install.ps1 -InstallDir '~/.dotnet'

Here are the pages that I used to get this info:

Of course, you can manually install the individual packages, from the install list at, or if this is post .NET 5 when you read this post, the URL might be at that time.

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