An email I sent to Robert (Bob) Murphy

I have heard again and again that the bond bubble is going to pop, and the value
 of the dollar will crash. The giant question is when.

 I have continued to contemplate this, and it seems that as long as the US is 
giving away money, that other nations buy our weapons, and soldiers, with, then 
we are pushing out the collapse just based on an artificial demand.

 The second consideration is that every other allied nation is devaluating their
 currency at the same rate, or more than the US. Much of this is because they are 
the bondholders, and don't want to get the bonds back with less value than they 
paid for them.

 Lastly, the US federal reserve claims that they are fully funded, however, they 
are holding their own bonds for money that they created, meaning that they hold 
0 value.

 The big challenge is this negative interest rate is that the Feds are paying 
people to take their money. This means that the concession is blatant that the USD 
has no value. I believe that this isn't an indicator that we are about to see the 
collapse, but the powderkeg is about to get so big that the USD collapse will be an
 instant. There will be no timeframe for recovery. 

 Does this sound like I am anywhere close accurate?

Lets hope that the renown economist Bob Murphy gets back to me, and validates this.

UPDATE: 8/9/2020

For the record, Bob generally doesn’t reply to individuals outside of large audience podcasts, publishers, authors, and journalists, as I have discovered. It isn’t elitism, it’s a conservation of his limited time. However, I did catch a podcast where he answered this, as a general comment on a podcast. I failed to grab the name or link to the podcast.

Also my memory failed to his exact answer. Bottom line, go to his site if you want the answer.

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