At the moment, Azure Devops is in my shit bucket

The word drop in damn near every expression of software development means one of two things:
1. To dispose of
2. A drag target

What does MS call drop? a place for successful staging of build results, aka artifacts. WTF! Artifacts?!?

A common trait of software engineers is to have one solution with 2 or more executable front ends. This would entail two artifacts. MS makes it as clear as mud in midnight of a cloud covered sky with no moon as to how to do this.

I am close to tossing the whole CICD process again, and just manually push everything, because the MS process, using YAML no less, is written for insane people who have no clue how to talk to people who’s primary code is to service users.

People complain that Angular has a harsh learning curve, but at least their samples are relevant, complete, and useful. Everything that the MS Devops build pipes are not.

At least give us a standardized dictionary that explains these terms in plain English, and not circular reference back to other confusing and obscure term usage, so that we are not using best guess.

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