Christianity and Wealth

When it comes to Christianity, it isn’t the earning of great wealth that is the problem, it is what you do with it that becomes the problem.

It wasn’t an issue to help the poor, feed the hungry, or heal the sick, which you can use the money for. But when your money was used to see your every lust after your own flesh, then you were looking at your self as the first idol, over God, who is not an idol.

We are promoted to learn to take care of one another and to labor all our lives. We are also told to lean upon Him who provides for us.

Well, if you are very profitable, then you have your sign that God is trusting you with much. What are you doing with that wealth? What are you doing to help others? What are you doing to grow the household of God?

Should you take the fruit of your earnings and invest into the kingdom of God or the next investment? What is God putting on your heart? There are times that you need to grow your knowledge, your income, your distributions, and the care of the body of Christ, the kingdom of God.

Not all are equally strong in the faith in the power and authority of God. Take care of those who are weak, that they may grow to be strong, and they may carry that same message to the next.

Is poverty honorable? To brag about wealth, or lack of it, is a distraction of what you should be focused on, the labor of the Lord through Christ Jesus. Keep your eyes on the things above, over the things of this world, and you won’t boast about foolishness.

So, earn greatly, or don’t, but always keep your eyes on Him who takes care of you.

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