I hate stupidity-isms

So tired of people equating Jews to devils, while others fail to mentally segregate Jews from the modern nation of Israel.

Let me be clear:

  • Not all of any people are evil, just that most are sheep being lead to the slaughter. There are plenty of people who are always ready to buck the system.
  • Complaining about governments, whoever they are, is the foundation of freedom of speech! Stop making it something that it isn’t. Calling it anti-Semitism is just another way to squelch freedom of speech.
  • War is vile. It is just giving governments permission of murder hundreds and thousands of people, in the name of government. War is war. It doesn’t matter who the government is made up of. If you are participating on the agression against another people, then you are vile, and murderous.


  • Jew is a blood line, and religious belief. Evil people come in all sorts of bloodlines, and origins, and will wear the banners and uniforms of people that they are not in alighnment with.
  • Never put your beliefs into a government, it will always use you for evil, and dispose of you when done.

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