A perspective on how to make liberty emotionally tangible

This document isn’t about liberty itself, but how to communicate liberty so that it has value to those who need to learn or be inspired to learn about liberty.

Everyone wants to know why should they listen to you. Not what are you promoting, or how you are promoting it, but why.

Some generic “why” statements: “I want you to feel better throughout your busy day.”, “I want your body to heal so that you can grow, and enjoy more of your life.”, “You want to be less overwhelmed.”, “You want to no have to double check to see if _ will cause me problems.”, “You….”

As you can see, we are bringing this to the listener at a very personal level. Bring it to them. Don’t lead them to the creek to drink. Don’t accuse the listener about anything.

“You want to have this better life, and we know things happen to disrupt your plans. Let’s explore better options.”, “Your growth is always at your grasp, let’s see where and how that is.”

Some poorly constructed “why” statements: “You want to have a better life, but we know you have failed in the past.” People do not want to hear that they failed. ” Your growth is always at your grasp, you just need to reach for it.” People don’t want to hear that they are not reaching for their new life.

Remember, hurt people hurt people. I don’t know a single person who isn’t hurt. We are all in continual need of healing. A person who has a broken leg isn’t going to walk a mile, or an inch unless their leg is put in a cast. Our coaching is putting their identity in a cast, so that it may heal.

Remember, bones grow strong when they are put under stress. Many people have never had a sufficient amount of stress to healing time so that they grew a strong emotional base. Their bones of identity are weak and fragile. When they are tested, these people have emotional breaks, and they turn against those that break their bones.

As we heal people, we wash their eyes with loving care, that they see the truth. We bandage their wounds that they are not distracted by pain. They see that they have been made sick by false healers. Those that were to help them get strong, made them weak. Those who were to mother them never warmed them. Helicopter parenting, and regulating all aspects of life, do not help people get stronger, it only causes more fragility.

Before you go too far, Apple, under Steve Jobs did this. Amazon, before the company became a dick, did this. All fast growing companies do this as their pattern. We want people to come to us, because they believe in us, and they know we believe that they can heal and become strong. We may only provide information, but we also provide the proper “emotional stress” for them to become stronger, so that they can stand in the heat of the storm, not just the eye.

Now, I have posted a LOT of fragments, and partially disjointed ideas here. I am going to stitch these together, into a series of smaller documents. And post here with more focus, over time.

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