God’s judgement, you are seeing it and don’t (Work in progress.)

Jeremiah 2:13 “For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns That can hold no water.

Jeremiah 2:13 NASB, Lockman Foundation

The difference between a cistern and a fountain is night and day. A cistern is dug into the ground to hold water that accumulates into it. Many times it is a mosquito cesspool. Whereas a fountain is a continual flow of water and is always moving that it never contaminates since all contaminants are washed out.

This is God’s word. His people turned from Him again and again, and they received the fruits of their evil activities. Evil for evil, good for good. They have worshiped evil gods, and clay things made by the hands of men. They have turned from that which is natural, a man into his woman, a woman into her man, and took for themselves flesh after their own kind.

Those who have been called out by God, from the flocks of this world, those that would be his are feed poison of this word, both in flesh and mind. For their minds are closed to the voice of God, and what they hear are the sweet things and the fear things of this world. Go here and see what can be done for you, or don’t go there and see what will be done to you. Is not God there, for the purpose of taking care of those who do not stand against him? But those who should be ministering truth huddle up in fear, hiding in the shadows of imaginary things. And those who are ready to hear can only listen to the sweet voice of lies, cast upon them by those that serve false gods, and idols, and flesh after a kind of man.

How will those come to know him if they do not hear from a teacher? Where is the teacher if they are not taught by those who know? But who will teach, and who will go, if none listen for the loud voice of God, who has called us out before the foundation of this world. If God has called us out, then we know where he is, for His voice utters from Him. But it is the fear in the weak hearts of men, then cause them to deny God, and turn from Him. Seeking their own idol, for the blood of men, and the sacrifices after the flesh are more comforting to those who are lost than the gift of grace and forgiveness.

How shall we walk in forgiveness if we don’t know our sin? How shall be we forgiven if we don’t know who has paid the price for our transgression? But if the sin is great, then salvation is greater. For the salvation doesn’t just undo the sin, but it restores the ring, and cloak that we lost when we sinned.

But how did we sin if we didn’t know Him? How did we sin, if we didn’t know his laws? Your inheritance is your sin, and when you are released from your sin, you are now heirs of your salvation.

Look at the flesh, see how it corrupts, and how it cannot retain the lawful word of God even for the night. Even the righteous sleep at night, and wakes forgetting what they did in their sleep. However, your salvation does not sleep but provides rest for those to seek to rest in it.

You inherited your sin, and your corruption from Adam and Eve, when they turned from God and sinned in His established garden. Your inheritance from Adam was no longer holy spirit and life, but it was a corrupting flesh and sin, the separation from God.

But it was from Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) that you have found your redemption. For your redemption isn’t after your flesh, but after what Jesus has done for you at Calvary. He took his lashes for your flesh, and he relinquished his breath life for your sins. You are now His, as you receive the labor and results of Christ Jesus.

Truly we call Elohim also Elshadai, and Adonai, and Lord. However, it was Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) that was put over us. It is him who is responsible for our eternal salvation. He is no longer in the reach of sin and temptation, so his works, done once, is done for all. We are established and sealed in righteousness as we call the Messiah Yeshua Lord, and decide in our hearts that God has raised him from the dead. For it is in our hearts that we believe God, hence we believe unto righteousness. But it is with our mouths that we confess unto our salvation and are sealed into that salvation.

God bless

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