Government is the coup against the individual

To be clear, all statism is a form of coercion, through the promise of violence. The coup is the fact that the statist hierarchy promotes their ideal only, which is “they are the mother”, “they are the father”, “they are the god”, no one can live without them, regardless of how destructive the relationship is.

This is a coup against the individual, in that many are collaborating to remove the will of the individual from the life of the individual.

The best slave is the one who believes they are doing right by not being an individual. This is why the military exists while creating many atrocities. This is why police believe that they get to act like the military. This is why the politicians wage active and passive wars against one another within and cross-government boundaries.

The problem is simple, the solution is simple, the hearts and minds of the people are fickled, and resist the truth, so they hang onto their masters since they don’t understand their personal identity without it.

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