Presidential National Emergencies

A national emergency was supposed to handle imminent invasion from a foreign army, at a time when Congress was in recess. We haven’t had a president utilize this authority correctly in my lifetime, or of my father.

The last of our liberties will be lost in the applause of those who do not realize that they have made themselves slaves, and property of their debt bearers.

It is a time, worthy of open eyes, to know when to retreat, and let the storm blow over. For this storm will be waged by people just doing their job as they subject the cattle to a hail of lead, and showers of blood.

The only innocent ones will be those who are not conceived, for all others are already victims of theft of their labor before they are even born.

The wickedness of men is that they are the devils that they chase, and the angels they proclaim to be is nothing more than a thin veil that covers the blood stains that litter their own garments.

There is no good president. Not a one. For all seek their own destruction, in their insatiable thirst for the blood of the sheep that follow them.

The real national emergency, is the epidemic blindness of the people, regarding the villainy of those who claim rule.

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