No benefit to carry mental luggage

There is a movement that is pushing division amongst the libertarian movement. This only has fuel because people worship people rather than measuring the message on its own grounds.

Once one measure the message rather than the messenger, then they are able to build their debate and discussion skills.

However, if one is married to the worship of those that carry the message, then when the messenger’s character flaws are exposed, the worshipper is betrayed by their own mind. However, their aggression is nearly always against the messenger.

What gain is it to attack the messenger for one’s own weakness. Go back, review the message. If it is still good, then they can be thankful that they have removed idolatry from their lives, and move forward. If the message is bad, then they are even blessed, because they get to let go of the message, and move forward without carrying bad mental luggage.

It is not to any’s benefit to carry mental luggage, if it does not profit them.

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