Do not worship thought leaders.

If I were to count all people according to their old activities, including myself, then none of us should be trusted to be libertarians.

I have also hired editors to edit my work, of which was all in software development, but it was to “de-Brian-ize” the document while keeping the document intact.

Jordan Peterson’s at work at the UN was just that. Has he not done this, then he certainly would have been fired. If he wasn’t in that point of his life where he was waking up to the events of today, then, of course, he would have completed that work as he sees fit.

Personally, I have heard enough of his content, that I believe his push for self-character development, and the anti-tribalism, as his attempts to prevent globalism. Remember, globalism and enslavement can only happen where the people are distracted by fighting one another, rather than resisting the real threats.

How will people ever stand up against the state if the people are constantly devouring one another? We are as bad as the monkeys in the room with bananas on top of the ladder. Any time one of us tries to rise up, then all of his peers tear him down and beat him up because it has always been that way. Or in religious situations, he isn’t pure enough.

Always go for the message, never for the messager. If you get caught up in worshipping the messenger, then you are repeating the mistakes of the past. This is also dismissing all of the messages, rather than checking the value of the message first.

“I was a statist, a war mongering statist, who was willing to toss the whole country into a genocidal war with the world.” Me.

Every person has their wake up call. Every person has times in their life where their dopamine levels were high enough that they could fondly remember those times as wonderful.

My being involved in the Republican Party, starting with Reagan was mine. Though my subconscience kept staying on my shit for supporting a war and public enslavement (taxes), I did it. But I woke up, left the Republicans. I joined the LP and left them when I woke up further. Since then I have never found a great thinker of liberty, who hasn’t had some massive character flaw, or history, in which it worked against who he thought he was being.

It is being human. It is growing up. It is changing. If all we do is stare into shadows and darkness, we will never see the light that they bring.

Maybe those that are squelching the loudest voices are the ones that are trying to prevent the largest growth of liberty.

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