More athiest induced drama on FB.

[Warning, this is a long rant real quick that turns into a biblical teaching.]

Why do people go to befriend me when all they do is to created a scism between us? Those people are not on my hate list, but I will not associcate with them.

I am a servant of Christ, not because I am a slave, but just as if I were a waiter at a resteraunt, I serve those whom I am either going to profit from, or I am profiting from. That isn’t slavery.

“But but tha bible supports slavery!” Slavery is a person who serves against their will, and that was blatantly not allowed by the scriptures. What was allowed was to exchange time for money. That is, if I could not take care of, or feed my family, then I could sell my time off to someone who could pay for my time at our negociated rate, for a limited time.

I’ll agree that at one time I had an issue with the sale of children off to servitude, but then if a child was not willing to take care one’s family, by working, then they could have left their family. If they left their family, then they needed to leave the tribe, since that was the extended family.

The importance of this, is the importance of the whole scope of the covenant and God’s people. The basics are that, if one was going to stay in the covenant of God, then they needed to stay all the way in. If they are going to leave the covenant, they needed to leave all the way. Those who stayed on the fence, got the worst. Sort of standing in the outside doorway of a house while a tornado is blowing by. “Why didn’t God protect him, and worst smite him down?” “Had he not been takien out of the way, the storm would have blown through the door to take all away.”

“Why was god so unforgiving?”
In a single generation, in the times of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, God had given everyone one time again and again, to either stay in his covenant, get out of the way of his covenant, or be taken out of the way. Look at Jericho. They knew the people of Israel were coming back to their lands. In some other post I will address this property rights issue that people challenge me on. Of the people in Jericho, only one family recognized the rights and authority of God’s people. They were accepted into the lands of God’s people in peace. The rest of Jericho was removed. Do we know everything about this city? No. However, like any great nation, I have to assume that Jericho became like each and every modern nation, waging wars, plundering people, etc. This is the way of nations. With that probable assumption, I suspect that the demolition of that nation was just indeed.

Again, and again, we have hints of each of the nations that fell with Jashua heading the armies. And again with Saul, then with David. And each time, the condition was a result of the position of join, leave, or be removed. Is that harsh? Yes. Would I suffer the presence of a pedophile? Only if he was repentant. These people were not just standing against God, but there is even some evidence that they would have plundered the people of Israel has they not been harsh. Historians have plenty of records that nations would slaughter other nations, and other nations people out of tribalism. At least God’s people got to work under looser conditions.

To give one the evidence of the benevolence of God’s word, he even let the first recorded murderer go, and with his protective blessing, that he may also grow his clan.

If one is to believe that all men started from Adam and Eve, then all of the people that stood against the house of Israel would have been the decendance of Cain. Even the Egyptions. This would indicate that the Oracles of God would have known what these people would have done to God’s people had their actions not been overseen and directed.

The pro-choice time machine test is, would you kill Hitler while he was a child? The correct answer is no, but raise him in loving admonition of the Lord. Implore him to stay in art school, and prove his value by his tallent. 2nd challenge is, if you received the word of God, that Hitler was going to wage war and help decimate Europe, and that you would grab that which is most important, then leave, what would you do? Well, grab that which is most important, then leave.The fruits will bare out their own, based on the actions of those who believe. Even if God did say, to and take out Hitler with a bullet from a sniper point, it would bare out the fruits of the designed actions.

However, the big difference between the OT and the NT, is the Lamb of God. The OT, the cocenant was there for 3 purposes:

  1. Protect the bloodline of Christ, who was promised to be of the house of David, and the Root of Jesse.
  2. Provide the laws that would be the evidence of him who was promised from the beginning.
  3. To be the reminder and the sanctifiation, after the nature of the flesh, for the hope of the people. It is one thing to believe in God, several people do. But it is a whole nother thing to believe God.

We know that this is the stance and witness of the word from Jesus (Yeshua) himself, when he walked according to the words of God, but did not condemn a single man, or punish a one. Rather he saught out the means to heal their hearts first.

This was continued through the teachings of Paul in his epistles to the saints. And was born witness in the book of Acts.

“Buh Brian, its all fake and imagined up at 300 AD!” Nope! Plenty of videos from historians on YT that cover this. Or I’ll give you a heads up Stand To Reason, a ministry that consolidates these issues into one clean digestible source. Consider that your primer.

However, there are other critical sites for the Christian heart to feed on: (One of my favorite spots.) (Awesome OT knowledge) (Soon to go on a revival, pretty stale at the moment.)

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