Cops defending the 2nd Amendment is just paying homage to their ego.

It dawned on me. All of these sheriffs posturing their pro-2nd amendment positions are too late.

The federal government won’t take our guns outright but will keep sucking the life and blood out of our rights to bare arms until we have to have permits and fees per bullet, per gun, per day at the range, per square storage space, etc.

Shall not be infringed was written that way, because of the wisdom of the founders realizing that enough tiny laws will act like termites to the foundation of freedom. It won’t stand.

This also holds true for limiting the government to its “enumerated rights”, and the states and individuals having most of the power, in the 10th amendment.

For a sheriff to be literal on backing the 2nd, then they need to refuse government-mandated background checks, red flag laws, ammo limitations weapon limitations, etc.

The sheriffs need to pursue criminal charges of murder for Ruby Ridge, Lavoy Finicum, and the Branch Davidians. There are literally thousands of other criminal violations of law that the government has initiated that these Sheriffs must pursue if they are suddenly going to uphold the constitution against criminals working under the color of law.

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