I have successfully avoided being a celebitarian personality

I did nothing….

That isn’t really true. What I did was: no podcasts, not vlogs, limited blogs.

However, what I have done is to: Troll a lot of statist thoughts. Emphasized non-violent solutions. Finally, I have been loving.

So why is my friend’s list a who’s who of the volunteerist (libertarian) movement? Because I find value in many of their ideas. And I have meat with these people and decided that I would call them friend.

To be clear, my list does seem to be like a social niche, just as other people have their social niche’s. This is the nature of people. We are pack animals. And as such, not all of us need to be the pack leader. Some of us need to be individuals. In the libertarian circles, it is preferred that all of us are individuals.

Packs of libertarians are not much better than packs of statists. Its just that the statist will probably throw the first punch. On the other hand, a mob of libertarians will pick out your logical errors so fast that you may not have the opportunity to react.

What would I rather be surrounded with? Statist or Volunteerist? Volunteerist. Lot lower chance of a fist fight, and a higher chance of someone being actually helpful.

Face it. Being a mental slave to the state makes one violent. Being freed from the state makes one excited, in a positive way.

In summary, this blog entry needs a better title.

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