Most government contractors cannot use “Do no evil”, as their company motto.

Even though I used a pretty over-reaching subject line, I am going to focus on just Google.

Google recently (2018) pulled down their motto “Do no evil”. This is no surprise when you see the number of DOD contracts. However, lets break this down.

Aspects of Evil, and Google’s activities.

The customer is the product

This isn’t a product as in slavery, but the product as in the ability to mine data out of the user’s activity, and search their private records.

In all reality, you are using their system, and on their servers, with their storage. They need to profit from that activity. How can they profit from that? Focused ad injection. The more Google knows about you, the better they can focus their ads to try to get you to buy products.

This profile data that they build off of you is derived from your browser history, and email data. So if they don’t follow you around, and sniff your data, then they cannot get the data they need to optimize the ads.

The customer is the test case

To test code responses, and search algorithms, most companies create profile data from their actual customer product utilization and see if the new code makes the impact that they are seeking. However, one also needs to create an “in the wild test”, which is also called test in production. Both Google and Facebook are well known for utilizing test in production. However, this means that the customer is now also the guinea pig.

Now we get to the ugly stuff..

The customer models are used for military civilian profiles

Google has other businesses, some of which are under the parent company “Alphabet Corporation”, which does government contractor work. This includes drone, AI, profile, etc.

Again, you are the product, the government is the buyer. Your privacy means nothing.

Google retains enough information to have you locked away.

To be clear, a lot of this was from before the US congress event, and the EU events. However, ask anyone who works in big data, and they will tell you that Google has probably collected enough data to jail even the most moral person. Part of that is because to the abuse to the number of laws on the books, and part of that is from the creepy level of invasion that Google has on our daily lives.

I am also amused that when the CA DOJ demanded Apple to unlock an iPhone without a warrant, Apple said nope. However, some investigation agency requested info from Google, and they turned over everything freely. Is Google now a department of the Deep State? Not a literal statement, but when non-elected people act in collusion with the state, so that the state can bypass their own laws, then they are definitely evil.


Don’t trust Google, or large organizations that place listening devices into your homes as products.

As far as links for sources go, Google it. Or better yet, use

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