Hate modern home automation tech

I bought Tiles last year, so I could track keys and stuff, and after the annual replacements, I got crap replacements. That ends my use of Tile. Replacements should never be downgrades.

About 2 years ago I had gotten WeMo smart plugs. With every upgrade they have become less reliable, and having more problems. This latest firmware update crapped them out.

I am so done with this crap.

If people cannot make quality products, and keep the quality good, then I want them out of business.

So far on my shit list has been:

  • Toys R Us (Doors closed) – crap-in store customer service.
  • Sears (Doors closed) – crap in-store customer service
  • Tile – Crap product
  • Belkin’s MeWe – product that keeps getting crappier with every release.
  • Google – Invasive spying on users.
  • Amazon – I have a love hate with them, because of their spying, but then the product lists and savings seems to offset it. How wicked.
  • AWS for being confusing about their offerings, while being expensive
  • MS’s DevOps and VS teams for ruining the UX for VS 2019, and consistently breaking the build services.

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