In response to the lawlessness of the elected congress, and their socialist agenda

I hate to say it, but from what I have seen recently, the dems may lead this country into a 2nd term for Trump.

What this means to me, is that I need to double down on promoting liberty, and an understanding of economics.

I don’t think either side of the electoral understand that both wings of the bird that the US govt is giving us are both socialism, and both are going to lead the people into further enslavement.

The national bird isn’t an eagle, but a vulture. Eating off of the flesh of the dead and dying. And like many scavengers, its droppings carry the rot of those that it ate, so that the disease spreads far and wide.

However, this is not a time to fall into despair and circle the wagons. It is still the time to reach out with truth, and free the minds of those who cannot see freedom. Unshackle them from the talons of the bird that the government puts in our face. It is time for liberty to be on the libs of every living soul, so that those who hate it have to cover their ears, or become blatant in their screeching, because the words of liberty will be a thing that the false masters, and their minions, cannot stand and abide.

Sorry to wax poetic here, but the events of this weekend have convicted me more than I have felt convicted in a while, to move the message of liberty.

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