A letter to the Yellow Vest Movement, in English.

The yellow vest movement was because of a government that tried to rule over the people rather than in defense of the people.

The conflict isn’t with the people of the government, but the persisting ideals that government needs to rule our lives, and take care of us as a father should his children. Or nurture the people as a mother does her babies.

However, we are not children of the government. We are free individuals, who are very capable to live our lives without the parliament telling us what we must or must not do.

Who here has turned down one evil authority just to suckle on another.

But who will help me when I am poor, or sick, or in trouble? Your family, your friends, your neighbors. Close your computer, and turn off your TVs. Go out and talk to those around you. Not with gossip and hearsay, but with the idea that a community can solve its own problems.

If you need to raise funds for a larger project, then expand your ideas to other neighborhoods. See if they like the ideas, and see if they will invest. Let the people become the owners, and benefactors to the solutions of the problems of tomorrow.

The reason people demand the government to solve problems, is because they forget that all governments are a monopoly of power, and violence. All governments grant themselves powers and authority that you do not have the right to grant another person. So how does government grant such power to itself?

The dullard seeks other people to solve their problems. The wise man seeks others to discuss with him and find the solutions to problems.

Once you handed over the authority to the government to solve your problems, you also handed over to the government the right to dictate to you what you must do as servant to the government. You even handed over your right to self defense.

Do not waste the yellow vest movement by seeking more government, or more rules, because it will never turn out for your best. Always seek out more liberty, and use this opportunity to take that liberty back from government.

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