The problem isn’t the wall, its liberty

According to an article published by Elizabeth Zwirz via Fox News, 367 Central American people entered the US through tunnels leading into Arizona. Well, how is that wall coming?

Apparently, 167 of those people were children, who when stopped, did not try to avoid apprehension by border patrol.

The government agencies are claiming that there is no concrete under those sections of the walls, however, everyone who has seen holes in concrete walls, or used a masonry bit on a drill, knows that concrete only slows people down, it doesn’t stop them.

Let’s go back a few short decades when Junkyard wars showed a head to head competition of junkyard wreckers who’s job was to take down walls.

The point of this is that walls will slow people down. It will make some reconsider their plans. But in the end, walls are still penetrable, just look at all of the drivers that have run into fast food restaurants with their cars.

The real issue is, why are they coming here? Is it for the opportunities, the social programs, or are they escaping a more miserable life to try for a better one?

Prior to 1790, all immigration statuses are determined by the individual states. In 1790, the federal government violated what would later become the 10th amendment and made a 2-year residency requirement for citizenship. The legal recourse on this constitutionally was limited to the original constitution document, as the 10th amendment wasn’t ratified until 1791.

The abuse is the constitution prior to the 10th amendment actually has a claim on citizenship.

Article 1, section 8, clause 4 of the United States Constitution empowers Congress to regulate naturalization, which is the process of granting citizenship to a foreign-born person. But the clause is silent on immigration, which relates to residency, not citizenship.

Immigration, the Constitution, and Liberty
by Tim Kelly
February 19, 2013

It is 1819, 1864 and 1875, that more control was taken from the states, and included distinct exclusions to entering the US claimed side of the border. These excluded people include prostitutes and convicts. However, as we have seen in poor countries, many times it is only through prostitution that food is kept on the tables of family, and the government, if totalitarian, dictates the terms of criminality. This means for many, “You may not escape your horrible life because you found a way to survive your horrible life.”

1882, again the US decided to unjustly exclude people, this time using the Chinese Exclusion Act. It also prevented entry of persons likely to become public charges, as well as those who had committed public offenses. In 1885, contract laborers were banned from entry. Then in 1888, provisions were adopted addressing the expulsion of aliens from our country. At this point it was complete. The US was not a land of liberty, but the land of the select few. The land of the monopolies of human capital. Later, in 1891 the Bureau of Immigration was established. Which it administered all immigration laws except the Chinese Exclusion Act.

I would keep going on this history, but each time the law was addressed, the hurdle was raised, and the public was moved by politicians and the media into supporting more restrictions, and more constraints. It is funny that the biggest wave of immigration happened in 1890, followed by one of the biggest economic booms and busts. The boom, if looked through the lenses of Austrian economic studies, came from the new creations of wealth that new industries and labor created. Followed by two types of busts. The great contraction, which was really a collapse of fiat currency, and the government tie up of resources via the New Deal.

My apologies, this needs to really be a book, however, I am going to provide an unfair summary, and follow up with more details later.

The hearsay of the immigrants coming to the US for the social benefits may be actual, but I didn’t cover that here, so it is hearsay. Remove those benefits, and you literally cannot use that declaration any more.

If you claim to be a constitutionalist, then all you have to do is to look at the laws provided, and realize that they are all in violation of constitutional law.

If you look at history, you will see the immigrants didn’t come here because they were wealthy, but because they were poor, and they did want to have a place to start over.

For those who declare that the immigrants will change the voting demographics and make things worst, of course, they will. You are demonizing them now. You are making them the bad guys rather than the governments that have caused this problem.

For those who are afraid of the “bad” people coming over, or “drugs” coming over, why do you think I am so fond of the 2nd amendment, and of property ownership including one’s own body. If a person owns their own body, and you are not roped into paying for their mistakes, then the “drugs” that they pump into their own system is none of your business, until they violate your property rights or those of your neighbors. Also, it takes less than a second for a bullet to travel from my gun to an attacker’s body, compared to the 5+ minutes for the cops to arrive. A well-armed society is a polite society.

In summary, the wall is needed because you have been told, for over 100 years that the government is good and individuals seeking a better life is an invasion. I tell you that if the US quits invading other countries, and occupying their lands, we won’t need to worry about an invasion, and legalizing “self-medication” eliminates a whole sector of violent crime because gangs get replaced by businessmen. Just look at the legalization of Cannabis in Colorado.

Stop being tricked into supporting the government wall. If you want a wall so bad, put one on your own property, so that it holds up your roof.

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