It looks like a discontent with government is catching fire.

I have been observing a growing discontent that is catching like fire.

The key reasons that it exploded in the Parisian towns first, and now other Euro cities, is because people can visualize the issue. They can see the source of the problem. This is also how it was in Greece, and in Venezuela.

However, there are two issues with what they see. First, they think that government, incompetent or not, was the problem, so they delve for more government. Second, the memory of how power hungry, and lazy people, are the ones who seek to work for government, and how with more government, you get more bribery.

I am fully endorsing #YellowVestUS, however, we must remind those who participate that demanding more of what caused the problem will just cause more problems.

Demanding violence will promote more violence. Demanding more government care will just promote more government growth. Demanding soak the rich will lower the standards of what is considered rich, until you are being soaked.

Society isn’t made from a group of dictators and enforcers. Society is made from people voluntarily associating with one another. Doing business with one another. Helping one another.

This the is great misshapen mentality of mob rule, that a coercive force is needed to shape society. Government is always that force, and it is always there to stomp on your liberties.

As the future unrolls before us, with #YellowVestUS growing or shrinking, remember this first, the greatest minority, and most important majority, is the individual.

Now, just as President Jackson once declared that he killed the banks, lets remove our support for the current oppressors, and drop the shackles of our oppression, declaring our liberty. #YellowVestUS

Copied from my post on FB under The SNLS Network page, Brian Webb

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