Why the Trump Wall shouldn’t be supported.

For the record, I don’t support the Trump Wall.

We all complain about tossing good money after bad to solve problems. Well the problem is out of control government spending on social programs that people are not contributing into.

If you think that these people are coming to leech off of the public, and cause voting issues, then you need to re-asses those numbers, their distribution, and the real problem.

The number of people who breach the border is not enough to impact the vote, based on statistical impact. The democrat zones will remain democrat. The republican zones will remain republican. Gerrymandering will have more impact that any population change.

The real problem is a government that is on a grow and spend addiction. One that is bought and paid for by the major corporations and their lobbyists. Politicians live off of the favors of their paying constituents and their bribes, which they call donations.

The issue is that people turn to government to solve problems that than to themselves, their neighbors, or their fellowship groups. Hell, most people don’t even know who their neighbors are. They don’t participate in some local fellowship event. Rather the media pits us one against another, for their benefit.

People, who are ready to harm their neighbor, out of envy, are people who get suckered into believing the media over those who they should call family.

Family, it isn’t just by blood, but by those who you have grown an affinity with, to stand beside, to be willing to help in times of strength or trouble.

I don’t think we should help people invade these lands, but then I don’t believe we should wage war against them either. They are not the problem.

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