A public letter to myself.

If you want to blame modern society on Mr Rogers, then you forget that most of us who turned out awesome also grew up with Mr Rogers.
The man stayed with the message of Love. This wasn’t a participation award type of person, but a person that genuinely thought highly enough about people that they were not burdened by -isms.
If anything, blame the Gen X crowd for the current generation of kids that don’t know how to resolve and problem solve on their own. Blame the baby boomers for learning to be selfish (Not meaning the Ayn Rand definition.) for self fulfillment rather than compassionate.
Blame the people who think along the lines of everything for themselves, be damned by neighbor. Those are the people who have failed to learn Non-Aggression Principle.
Mostly, look in the mirror, and blame that person. That person is the one who can lead by example. That is the person who can walk without coercion. That is the person who can speak up when the masses are quiet. The person that is reflected in that mirror is the living person, not some comic book character, or some long passed philosopher, or hero.
Do, don’t just say. Be, don’t just claim. Walk, don’t just sit.
This is a public letter to myself, but I would like any who find this encouraging, to take it to heart, and be that person that you want to make that change.

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