A little update

  1. Don’t come here if you don’t have a sense of humor. I make inappropriate jokes, don’t take is personally.
  2. Don’t come here just so you can slam me, my spiritual Christian beliefs, or my libertarian views. I just delete those comments.
  3. Don’t bother reporting me, because the reports just go to me, and I don’t care about your feelz enough to fret over them. I do care about your salvation though.
  4. I can be found on Steemit, and soon DTube and DSound.
    1. https://steemit.com/@brianminister
    2. more links coming.
  5. I am not a flat earther, but I am a short timespan worlder.
    1. I’ll post links to vids soon.
    2. Evolutionists believe that people evolve out of rocks, if you go back far enough. I don’t believe that. I also don’t believe that a paramecium can produce a dog.
    3. Lastly I believe that the laws of rotational velocity conservation must be maintained, so to have planets and moons that spin backwards or in the wrong plain of axis, means that there is a major failure in the description of big bang.
    4. No, I don’t want you to prove me wrong, but I am fine if you want to post video comments. I may actually watch them.
  6. Echo chambers are dangerous. If you don’t like someone’s speech, you don’t force them out of the conversation, you provide more information and more conversation.
    1. And antidote to hate speech is more speech, not silence.

God bless and good night.

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