Government is a bad idea.

Government is a bad idea. Ask where government is and you are pointed to a building. Is a building government, no its the people.

Find a person and ask them if they are government, if they say yes, then find their authority and they will change their story to they are either a part of government, or work for government.

Find who they work for, and you are directed to another tool of the delusion called government. This repeats until you are directed to a politician.

Are you, mister politician government? Mostly they will reply that they are just doing the will of the people, and just a part of what is government.

Government is a bad idea. It is the false assumption that saying it is so makes it so. It is the belief that paper and ink hold power and authority. It is the mistaken authority that giant temples of stone, glass, and concrete, used as tribute to this delusion is a thing called government.

If government is anything, it is silence, when evil is done in public, because it wasn’t done to me. It is violence, when someone does or says something that challenges my perception of reality. It is hate and greed, the thing of envy, that claims that it must be fed the abundance of the masses in justification of its existence. It is the toxic meme that makes sane men violence, and peaceful men power hungry. It is the hole the when fed only grows larger, wanting to devour more.

Government isn’t a thing, but it has life. It isn’t an idea, but it create new temptations for benevolence, and turns them into violence. Government is the great devourer, in search of its next prey.

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