Today is another day that Govt proves that they think I am their property

So I am finally doing my taxes, and if I file correctly, I will owe somewhere between $1800 to $10000. And there is a whole chance that I may not owe anything, but will be due $600.

Why is this so flipping confusing?

  1. Its government. By default these people want you to just give them your whole paycheck, and more, and they just give you your daily bread, while you work your balls off. There is no justice or equity here.
  2. This collective of oppressors, called government, do not get the idea that I am not their bank account, and that they cannot steal from me and be called moral.
  3. To claim a percentage of my income, is to claim a percentage of my labor, which is to claim a percentage of my life, which is slavery.
  4. Government is a slave master, with the intent on owning everything from its slaves.

What is next?

  1. I have a call into my tax lawyer, with the intent of clearing up what I earned vs owed. It cannot be this difficult.
  2. I have to start taking my actions in promoting economic freedom more seriously. These laws by the government are a complete joke, and a violation of the 4th and 5th amendment. However, I know that if I fight this in court, then I will have a RICO case to fight too, since the IRS is the strong arm of the government for extorting money from the people.

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