Do not waste your resources when there is no fruit to your investment.

The opposites of love are fear and unearned greed. Both lead to violence against other people. Either through stealing their stuff, rather than trading for it; or attacking others rather than providing a hand up.

No man deserves a hand out, but all men deserve a hand up. Motivate them to grow and compete. Help them find their drive to realize their potential.

A hand out is given from pity sake. A hand up is providing a step for a person to climb out of where they are not.

A hand out is generally provided by taking from something that could have used those resources better, and helped more. A hand up invests into people, with an expectation of return.

The return and the investment does not need to be cash. I invest wisdom, with the expectation of discussion and sharing with others as the return of my investment. I invest cash, when my expectation is that the person I invested into grows their life into a new powerhouse.

I despise altruism, because I suffer from not making sure that I live to continue to do my best. But I give abundantly, not because of altruism, but because cancers of society is government, cancer of the mind is ignorance, cancer of the body is disease, and more. I donate to a few charities, such as AIDS foundation, and CHOC, because I want people who are running out of options to have a fighting chance to all new options.

Mostly I donate my time and money to moving against hopelessness. In that I donate Christ to those who have not heard, and resources to those who need assistance.

I just try to be wise with my resources, because a charlatan shall never feed at my table, without first laying down his sinful ways. This includes politicians, and that wealthy guy from Africa who has been dying for 20 years and yet is still trying to give away his billions.

So what to take from this? Do not waste your resources when there is no fruit to your investment.

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