Its for the children…

Its for the children…

  • So why are you making them defenseless until 21?
  • Why are you sending them to war at 18?
  • Putting them behind the wheel of 1000s of lbs of metal, glass, and plastic when they drive?
  • Putting them $100,000 in debt before they are even born?
  • Having wars that are so long that the children of soldiers are now fighting in the
  • same war as their parent?
  • Killing them in the womb?

This isn’t about the children, because your contradictions are…

  • Too young to defend themselves with a gun, or keep score in a game, but young enough to decide their gender before they even know what they are getting into.
  • Too young to make a mature decision about drinking and smoking, but not too mature to get shot for big oil.
  • Too young to make their own education decisions, but not too young to abort a life.
  • Too young to work, but not too young to choose to have their own body butchered.

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