Fear over freedom

The fear of living without a slave master is shocking to me. It seems like people think that everyone will devolve to monsters without the holiness of government.

The concept of voluntary exchange, cooperation, private business, and mutual defense, just seems lost to people.

Even during the Rodney King riots, there were store owners who had customers assisting in the defense of the stores. Or even the BLM riots in Baltimore, there were several stores defended by voluntary guards.

It is the quiet rebellions and riots, like OWS that created lawlessness, end even then, people experiencing “socialist movement” discovered how much they needed money, and collaboration with others.

What ended OWS was people running out of free stuff. People had to go back home, school, or work, so that they could eat, remain clothed, etc.

No riot is indefinite, just as no totalitarian state is indefinite. Without voluntary collaboration, all movements fail, except bowel movements.

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