Once again, it is time for a bold and bare-faced self promotion

of my work meanderings.

All twenty books and their covers are show below;

AND — not only that

there is a free preview of each book.

(For the sake of all that is holy; purchase at least one. As they say on each cover there is a free app that allows most all devices to mimic the all-powerful Kindle.

Click on one or click on all, there is a non-pecuniary introduction to every book.

BUT WAIT! —— there is a notice that you must look for in the top right corner of each book image that you select. That image says

That may take a few seconds to show up.

No common thread binds my work together. This should shame me, but it does not.

Allow me to make a few statements about my youth and later life. They are irrelevant…

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