A summary of online discussions from last week.

  1. Liberals think I’m conservative. Conservatives think I’m liberal. It’s the wrong paradigm. I’m just antistatism.
  2. If you think gun laws end violence, you are mentally ill.
  3. Opening a discussion with telling me that I did wrong is not how you get me to listen.
  4. Living in SoCal makes one such a weather wimp. My apt is 75 deg, and I am freezing. 😄
  5. I keep hearing about racial tensions race baiting, and race…. blah blah blah…
    There is only one race, NASCAR. Everything else is just hot air or silly people doing silly things.
  6. I know that I am an opinioned loud mouth, this isn’t news too me. You don’t need to remind me. 😄
  7. If you are “woke” but do not care, then what is the effective difference? (from Jacob Parker)
  8. If we are going to pass a gun ban, can we make sure that government officials and their body guards are included, and required to disarm first?
  9. Understand that you can only inherit that which your forefather has to give you. Adam had lost his connection to Adonai, we inherited that loss.
    However, by calling Yeshua Lord, we inherit from His wealth. We become of His household in the kingdoms of Adonai.
  10. Do you walk unclean, then be cleansed. Walk in wrath, then be calmed. Love, agapao, covers all sin through messiah Yeshua.
  11. To strike a man for his error is to ignore that he too may be forgiven. No man should strike his brother, but give him love.
  12. To claim a lie, and preach a lie, knowing it is a lie, you stand against Adonai. Your judgement is justified.
  13. If one defies Adonai, then leave His household, and do not claim to know Him, that you may be an honest man
  14. A prophet is known by his prophesies. A false prophet is known by his deceptions. Listen to both, but learn from one.
  15. The commandments of Adonai are best understood in the context of who they were written to and who they would announce, then prove.
  16. Elohim didn’t pick perfect people to be His saints, but the broken, whom he taught and raised to higher places.
  17. Walking in love is not natural, but it comes with greater fruits than walking in anger.
  18. If you want to make me happy, teach me something about Christ from the scriptures. Fill my heart with edifying news.
  19. I think I need to end my day now. If I put my foot in my mouth one more time tonight, I am going to need dental work.
  20. When one straw-mans their friends, they are saying that their opinion is greater than their friends. Sorry to everyone who I have straw-manned.
    I’m still human… for now. 😊 But learning to be better.
  21. I am good at talking wisdom, but I still need coaching when practicing such wisdom. Bare with me. 😊
  22. Miscommunication will cause misinformation. Be clear and concise, so when talking, others shouldn’t be defensive responding.
  23. When clay vessels think that they are immortal, then that is when they miss the point of salvation.
  24. The two biggest farces: mob rule, which we call democracy. Republics, which describes most major socialist states.

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