So do you hate the truth, or are you waking up?

How do you know that you are depressed? There are many symptoms that I would suggest you consider help with.

For myself, it is emotional exhaustion when I am not trying to be with anyone. Meaning whether or not I am surrounded by people or no one, I get tired of being around people. Some people tell me that they are tired of just being, I am thankful that this isn’t me.

My emotional exhaustion is the stress that this place puts on me. My environment, I mean my full environment, location, state, stability, expectations, peer pressure, finance, govt, etc, is a pressure of pain and pleasure from different sources, but at the same time. It is like being in a room with those I love, while being lashed by those I hate. Both without a break.

It is like being fed fire, to burn my belly, while I am trying to heal the hearts of others. Seeing their eyes as they welcome the comfort helps me to move on, but the pain that the state inflicts on me tears me back down.

How villainous our state is, it treats us as idiot children to the point where many obey without regard, then lashes us when the bill comes due. The state wants our admiration, and worship, for its benevolence as it steals and beats us into submission.

Oh, how will we have roads? But we must have an all knowing master to allow us to pool our resources to have a society. We must be kept as a slave class to the elected, so that they may become rich to the blood of our labors. It is because of the benevolence of our masters that we know that we may go to bed a beaten mass, where no neighbor may rise up over his position without the granted permission of our master and his chosen agents.

If that pissed you off, then you are either waking up, or hate the truth. Licensing is seeking the favor or the ruling class. Plunder is theft regardless of who is doing it, and under what pseudo-authoritative term they may use. There is no greater inefficiency than government, hence why our roads rot as fast as our legal system.

So do you hate the truth, or are you waking up?

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