No one else will do it.

  1. Statistically your vote doesn’t matter.
  2. Trying to get idiots to vote is the equivalent of pitching the tide challenge.
  3. If you look at the national debt, closing the government, and putting 100% of the taxes into that debt, will not solve that problem.
  4. The Federal government is economically, fiscally, morally, that in every other sense bankrupt.
  5. This is the fault of every patriot who forgot that patriots don’t support the government, the support the people of the country. They support their neighbors, not the whims of the elected.
  6. This is also the fault of every Christian and Jew, who had forgotten the warnings in 1 Samuel 8, where YHWH laid out what kings (government) would do to us, and how we would be enslaved all over again.
  7. This is the fault of the ministers, preachers, teachers, priests, etc, who have forgotten to keep HIS commandments, and warn the people of this corrupt and evil generation. Who have sought the blessings of the state over the blessings of God. The people who have said that it is a good thing that the government plunders the wealthy few, to that they can give a stipend to the many, while engorging themselves and their benefactors in the vastness of the wealth.
  8. This is the fault of the media, who have gone from the watchdogs over the government, to the puppies of the agencies of government that they are supposed to hold to the fire of truth.
  9. This is the fault of the politicians, who are corrupt by their very nature. Pandering to those who back their bribes, and ensure that their investments always turn up in great wealth.
  10. This is our fault. We have known for over 100 years that government gets more corrupt every day, every hour, but yet this is someone else’s problem. Someone else will take care of this. Someone else will have mettle to deal with this.

You are someone else, because no one else will do it.


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