Bootlicking of government’s enforcers, and fear of the media generated boogyman is appalling.

The ever growing number of laws is what creates the ever growing number of non-victimizing criminals. When people who are causing no problems for others, and are keeping their vices to themselves, are raided and arrested, they are now branded with criminal, and ostracized by the masses.

Ending the drug war allows people who are harming no one but themselves to resume normal lives with their own vice.

Ending over bearing licensing ends government enforced monopolies, which allow more competitive market. Also allowing real quality control, which is created by allowing bad business to go out of business.

Getting rid of the mental monopoly on ideas, called copyrights and patents allows the lowest cost producer to provide the best product for the best price.
Ending government licensing monopolies and licensing doesn’t end contracts, but makes good private contracts more important, without causing artificial wall of entry for competition.

Ending the monopoly on currency forces all who issue currency to do so with a tight control of the amounts being issued. Too much inflation of cheep currency and its value drops significantly compared to its competition.
Removing the federally backed institution of banking, and restoring real banking will restore the value of currency, while creating competition to cause the bank to act responsibly. The post 1913 bank RUNS, and I do mean plural, were all exasperated by the influence of the government and a centralized bank system.

As far as government is concerned we are all criminals already. They just haven’t come up with a reason to put us all into cages yet. Even the Chief of police in LA City was caught saying that everyone is a criminal, all his officers have to do is find a reason to arrest them.

The criminals ARE government. The people are abused victims, and just like a serial victimized wife, as a society we clutch to our victimizer, government, and claim that we can’t live without them.

If any man calls himself a Christian, I am appalled by that thought, when it is clear in 1 Samuel 8, we are not to have kings (high leaders), in context of Romans 12, 13 explains that our leadership it the body of Christ, as in those who minister Christ to the Kingdom of God. Even Jesus, and later Paul stood against government, but yet we are to suckle to the tits of those who plunder us? We are to be servants and slaves to those who beat us for pleasuring ourselves without harming others?

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