What makes libertarians great is what causes them to suck.

Every libertarian who becomes popular, hence grab the public eyes, goes under scrutiny that the media should be envious of.

Suddenly a person who helped a bunch of people wake up to the values of liberty, through their antics and adventures, is a buffoon to those viewers once they get the message and run with it.

A minor quibble with a few people suddenly becomes a serial event when viewed under the scope of the masses. None of those arm chair critics can tell me that you do not have your repeating gaffs and failures. You are still human.

“But mah munniez!”, stop doing business, or adhere to a better contract next time. I love my driven friends. I won’t work for my driven friends. I work for business people who are motivated. However my driven friends are the ones who I help to get their message out. I just wont work for them because I am old enough to know that will tax our friendship. I do not like to have to scrutinize the value to friendship over some risk investment of a job or contract.

But its not all bad. These are the same people who have recognized that the source of most of the large scale villainy is government. They realized that war, which some of our best politicians have warned us, is an industry, and a racket. We have been warned that Social Security is a ponzi scheme, and these libertarians have built both models and arguments that have proved it.

Some of the other issues discovered have been: Taxation is theft. Licensing is a monopoly racket. Asset forfeiture is government theft in violation of the 4th amendment. War on poverty, and the war on drugs, are wars on people. No victim no crime. Voting is Mob Rule. Money exchange lobbying is bribery. And many many more items than I feel like listing.

I hope people, and not just libertarians, can find a way to just suck less in the future.

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