What is going on with Crypto?

Re-pub from my Steemit account.

The 4 primes are HODL, in my not so meek opinion.

Their bounce is from investors trying to figure out how to flip coins on a slow network. The Plus side, the prices have stayed low-ish due to transaction times taking long. So the window of opportunity to buy is still good. Though I am in a 50/50 on buying BCH and BTC, since they are playing on each other, and BCH is slowly gaining. ETH is still a wildcard to me, because the commodity market adoption in the largest markets is still muted. Once they take off in the US their prices will jump.

The big suppressor is the constant promise of congress to interfere with the freemarket that the cryptos have established.

If their is any REAL threat, I will convert to gold, and hide it.

Don't run people's lives

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