I am still under the curse of FB addiction

For a brief moment, which turned out to be 2 hours, I hit FB to clear my messages. After 2 hour I realized that I had started to fall back into my negative pattern.

The whole celebration of being without FB is that FB was feeding the wrong emotional beast in me.

By now you have heard about the Native American Indian story about the two wolves. One that cares for its pack, and provides loving protection and warmth for them. The other which is scary, wanders alone, nips at heals, and picks fights with all of the other pack members.

The lean an gaunt wolf has the weakest impact on the pack’s life. The well fed and strong wolf becomes the alpha, and the whole pack follows. So which wolf do you feed?

That is the nature of FB to me. Almost every time I sign into FB I feed the wrong wolf. How about you? Which wolf do you feed? Mostly, I suspect that the wrong wolf is being fed.

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