Life without FB, the continuing life saga

Where I am at in my adoption of life without FB.

Several days have passed since my account was blocked and closed. I still have those cognitive slips where I am about to log into FB and find out that I can’t, app uninstalled or site blocked.

The other thing that is happening is that I find myself on LinkedIn more, because I feel detached from everything. I mean this is a major source of loneliness that is creeping in. I didn’t realize how much FB was acting as a surrogate person until now. I think that this means that I have to go find people to hang with. When I am with people who energize me, rather than drain me, I lose interest in FB.

The other thing I have noticed is that I am ness mood swingy than before. A LOT less negative news, and a lot less violent records coming to my forethought from news articles.

My time is so far being filled with more Gospel and Heroes of the Storm. Yay HOTS. But even then, it has become so unfulfilling. I think it has always been unfulfilling, but now it is obvious that it was another surrogate.

Everything is vanity

Because I feel more disconnected than usual, I feel like everything means less to me. That is a very nihilistic pattern is seeping into my mind. The only thing that seems to hold any virtue or reality to me are the teachings of Adonai (Elohim, YHWH) and Yeshua (Jesus).

Today my reading went from Joshua through to David. Tomorrow my reading will be a lot longer. 😁

Mental state

I think I am actually happier. I mean the world doesn’t feel like it is coming crashing down on me. I don’t feel like I need to fear cops coming and bash in my door because they got the wrong address on a warrant. I don’t feel like I am completely under prepared for a disaster, like a 10.0 California Quake, because no one is, and if I survive, then I will be in better position than 90% of everyone. 😊

Also I got my employer to start building a plan to convert engineering to 100% telecommute. AZ here I come if that happens.

God bless.

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