Negativity is not a reason to stop

There is a lot of fear, sorrow, bad math (Powerball), lies, and other negative issues being shared on the internet today.

So lets share some good news.

You are alive. Because you are alive, you have the potential to be that person that you keep claiming “somebody needs to do something about this” person.

Because you are alive, you get to come up with a myriad of ideas. And share them with others. If they are good ideas, then you should find no need to use force. If your idea needs government or coercion then it wasn’t a good idea.

You have the potential to make a person’s life better, even if it is only your own, and it is only an attitude adjustment. A smile goes a long way to making your life better one moment at a time.

You have the opportunity to make a person smarter, even if it is just yourself. Read a book, watch a how to video, find a person that has the skill you want to learn and learn from them.

The negativity of this world does not need to be an anchor, it can be just a stone or a hurdle, it just depends on how much you focus on it.

Small issues seem really big when you get too close and look at them.

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