A new week, and FB is involved.

Because several of my participation activities, e-learning, 3D modeling, etc, all use FB Authentication, I will be re-activating my account.

I am also reactivating my account because several people only contact me through FB.

However, when I suspended my account, I dropped out of many, many groups. When I reactivate it, I will drop out of more.

The last thing I want to do is to get caught back up in the FB addiction again.

I’ll wait until late this week to activate. If worst comes to worst, I will just clear my messages, and deactivate again. However, since I know what my addiction is, I think I know how to avoid it. The question is the mental steel to stay with the program to not reignite the addiction. This is like playing with fire.

However, avoiding the situation is not better than taking it head on. I will be unshackled by this bondage, and any other that wants to control me.

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