I am over two weeks without FB

I still have the habitual reflexes to hit FB and “check up on things”. I know what this really is, an addictive reaction trying to kick back in.

The more I break away from FB the more I realize that my FB friends were addicts too. I am no longer surprised that so many of them used FB as their primary means to “stay in touch”.

The sense of community is preserved in the bible fellowships, and the temples and churches that I work with. I also have friends that work hard to promote that sense of community among my face to face friends.

Facebook is a lazy means to have a community of people who you never would have known unless you stepped outside of your safe zone. You can be anyone online, and nearly no one will ever know. So you are the socialite, the troll, the guy bragging about his Social Justice Warrior activism, but in reality, you are that guy, sitting at your computer, living and promoting a fiction that is an imaginary life.

Yes, I know. There are several people who are real about who they are online. But even their real selves are just a shadow to the in-person self.

I am committed to stay off of Facebook for a while longer, until I can use it as a tool, and not as a lifestyle.

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