Day 2 of Facebook Withdrawals

Facebook Withdrawals

I am only posting this because I have to laugh at myself about how entrenched I was in habitual FB use.

Twice this morning I had accidentally launched FB on my phone. Accidentally I say, because it wasn’t a conscious decision.

Then I had habitually launched it at lunchtime too. Fortunately since I suspended my account I didn’t get suckered in all the way.

By 1:30 I noticed I was having a noticeable withdrawal from FB. I kept trying to check my status updates of my “Friends”, and would be jerked back to reality to realize that my account is suspended. I was then scrounging for things to distract me from my work. So I decided to work rather than goof off.

Finally at 3PM, I started recovering from the withdrawal symptoms and found that my day was going much faster, and my job was much more rewarding because stuff was being accomplished.

Around 7pm, I ended my day. More work done today than in most.

People complain about the Millennials and the Y Generation Internet use; I suggest having them experiment with disconnecting, and see what happens.

As a couple of extra thoughts:

  1. I didn’t care about politics today! That was a first in a long time.
  2. I actually have plans for this weekend now.
  3. sucks, so I am closing that account too. It is the opposite in traffic that is FB.

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