How to piss me off when it comes to Web UIs

Click Bait.

Page after page of clicking, just so you can jam $0.0001 profit out of my view is shit. There is a better way, and it pisses people off less.

Slow ass websites

Some sites which a ad light I don’t mind if they are slow. However the sites that are ad extreme, and are slow because of the ads, and get worst as you fish through the click bait are intolerable.

Audio without permission

I have accepted animations and videos as an inevitable effect of web presence when surfing. However, I get extremely pissed off when you cause me to annoy people around me by kicking audio without permission.

I thought it was funny once, when a coworker got caught surfing when he was supposed to be coding, because of an ad.

False tension

No people are not surprised by some event, or another. There was no shock. We do not care about some secret law, which isn’t a secret. We don’t give a shit for the most part. Sure it grabs eye, but it grabs ire when you realize you just got suckered into an ad page.

False news

CNN didn’t run a story on your product. You bought air time. To make it look like a CNN site is deceptive, and I may have to pursue CNN if your product sucks, for letting you deceive people like that. If you are doing it without their permission, then CNN should shut you down.

Facebook, Reddit, Most of social media

I don’t care about Bernie Sanders. Why the fuck are you down voting? Why is down voting not considered trolling? Why are you deleting my pro-volunteerism posts? Why the fuck are making the web editors only work with Chrome or Safari? Why the hell is there an ad in the middle of my reading list? Why would I care to donate to some liberal fucking cause or another, especially when they attack my religious beliefs?


WTF: I want to get answers about the .NET library that are right in the documentation of the MSDN website. So why the hell are you fucking sending me to Neubian Euro-Net and look at things that have nothing to do with System.Tuple?


There is a fucking difference between Libertarian, Libertine, and Liberal. Why the fuck can you not get that straight? When I search for Gary Johnson speech on economics of the war on drugs, why the hell am  I being sent to Trump or Sanders?


Stop fucking acting like Facebook. If I wanted crappy UIs, I would just stay with Facebook. Fix your MS Edge compatibility. FUCK!

I give up for the night. The internet has let me down too many times for the evening. Time to get drunk and pass out.

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