Copy of an Edited version of my post on FB.

I wanted to make this a call in topic for RA, but Christopher Cantwell hosts his show in the middle of my work day. So I decided I will post here.

We were warned about the imminent economic collapse of the US in June, July, Aug, and with spiritual connotations Sept. Here is the real deal. Nobody knows what the fuck they are talking about and what they are doing.

Austrians have the right plan, but they fail to understand that the Keynesians are not idiots, they are just vile. Our economy is balanced on the bleeding side of a knife, and it could cut through, or as what has been happening since the full Fiat conversion, the economy could keep getting more and more calloused.

Lets face it. The media won’t tell the truth. The government won’t tell the truth. The banksters and cronies won’t tell the truth. As long as those who are asleep keep living off the lies of the media, then we won’t see the collapse for a while.

Yes, I do see us following the path of Greece, who doesn’t? But the strength of the current $ isn’t based on tangible goods, its based on the belief that it has value, and we are seeing daily programming that promotes that belief.

The Profit, Shark Tank, Faux Business (what is left of the libertarian traces of faux), Lottery 1, Lottery 2, Lottery 3, Lottery etc, Life Style of the stupid and famous, and there is more. You cannot look at a channel of programming that doesn’t have some sort of pro-US money programming.We are being propped up by pixie dust and fairy tales.

What is worst is that those who claim to be libertarian are being caught up in this. Why are people supporting Sanders or Trump and tossing away their “libertarian” ideals? Because they didn’t understand them, or didn’t commit to them. They were as flowery words from a poets mouth, to be turned to shit when the poet was done. Or they were as pearls before swine, which the swine saw them and may try to eat them, but couldn’t appreciate what they actually were.

Sure, I still believe in the Kokesh ideals of Agorism, but I also understand the resistance against the beast as fought by Cantwell. Who is right?

If you promote self reliance, volunteerism, sound monetary exchange, and no government, I stand with you. If you promote a violent overthrow, my heart is with you but violence is in defense for me. I will STRONGLY say that Christopher has provided the best defense to the belief that any force against the government is self defense right now. It saddens me to think he may be right.

What logical actions can we take then?

  1. Stop circle jerking. I think with this group this is not an issue.
  2. Infiltrate the libertarian groups and find more agorists. They didn’t all hole up with the end of the AVTM show.
  3. Un-school yourself now. I am still finding statist thoughts in my head that rear up during events. Stop it now. Most of us had 13+ years of indoctrination pushed into us. We just have to learn to flush it out.
  4. We are not lost. All it takes is for one of us to pass this idea on each generation and the fight will remain.
  5. Results have meaning. The sheep circle their ideas in wagons of praise, when the are foisted upon us. We need to carry the banners bigger and bolder when we successfully tare down one of their ideas.
  6. Promote compassion by showing that social programs are extortion. They are poison to our life. Understand the social damage of government programs, and highlight them. Turn every communist/socialist idea into a shirt, a bumper sticker, a window sign, that shows who they hurt when they fail. And how badly they fail.
  7. Don’t be cowardly about being right. Checking your privilege is PC craphole and we all know it. Be bold about being right. Women turn to men of power and authority. This doesn’t mean men with money corporations all the time. Sometimes it means men who stand for what they believe in the face of adversity.

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