The messed up phylosophy of modern libertarianism

Featured Image -- 5207Rand Paul stated that he doesn’t call himself a libertarian because of the people who equate it with libertine-ism. I have to agree with Rand on this one.

When it is wrong to support monogamous relationships via simple discussions, because you are now some sort of “anti-liberty” person, then I say WTF!? I am not promoting any laws on monogamy, I’m just having a rational discussion.

Then I see libertarians talking about statistics by population from gender and geographical origin (racial origin), and when someone brings up trends, suddenly everything is racism or sexism. Discussing study results, and possibilities for the effects of the results is nothing other than a form of investigation and sociological speculation. It isn’t racism.

I can understand compassion, and the desire to end many -isms, but when you call out things as -isms that are not, then you are part of the problem.

Free Talk Radio, out of Keene NH, is an example of part of the problem.

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