Have you evern wondered what it would be like to live without…


Freedom: Most of you have never experienced freedom. So I don’t know if you would even know what it would look, feel, or smell like.

•  Back yard sales without having to get a tax or sale permit  •  Lemonade stands without police shutting you down •  Handyman services without contractor’s license •  Babysitting service without daycare permit, or child care services permit •  Home schooling without fear of CPS •  Drinking from a stream without the fear of what it in the water •  Picnicking off of some country road without concern of some BLM employee getting his rocks off chasing you from public land •  Dancing in public without harassment from park police •  Picking up and dropping off your loved ones at the airport curb, without them having their fourth amendment rights violated because they wanted to travel.

•  A drive across the country, with whatever trailer that you wanted in tow, without being pulled over and being harassed for your trailer •  Or immigration stop •  Or drunk stop •  Or any number of items that the police want to have an excuse to mess with you on.

 •  Talk to a government official without being treated as a criminal without so much as a regard to what you want to talk about. •  Seeing your paycheck with no withholdings, all that you earned is yours. •  Regardless of who you talk to, and how you talk to them, that there isn’t a government agency listening in to catch you with just the wrong set of words to trigger something.

Fear: Most of you live this this and don’t know it.

•  The wrong neighborhoods

•  The wrong people •  Tattoos •  Beards •  Cycles •  Atheists •  Christians •  Muslims •  Jews •  Angry People •  Homeless People •  Hurt People •  Rich •  Poor •  Mexican •  Asian •  African •  American (Regardless of any skin color)

•  Philosophies (Economic, Social, Political) •  Corporations •  Wealth •  Government •  Liberty •  Anarchy •  Slavery •  Religion •  Science •  Control •  Life •  Debt •  Poverty •  Sickness

There is a common factor here. I could go on and on, but why? If you see the issue, then you don’t need this article. If you don’t see the issue, then I will put it blatant to you. ALL OF THIS IS PERCEPTION. IT IS ALL IN YOUR MIND.

Governments exist because you believe they exist. If you didn’t then they are just gang of people and their blind followers, creating another holy calf of Gold and Clay, to worship over the real God.

  1. Fear is the belief that there is something greater in this world than what is in you.
  2. Freedom is the recognition that regardless of the bondage that you are physically under, it is temporal. It cannot hold for all eternity.
  • Greater is he that is in you, than he who is in this world.
  • Even in the end, death will die.

So what are you afraid of. What do you think you are living with that you have decided you can live without? What are you lacking that you hold fear that you will never have?

Isn’t that just perception? If God is your sufficiency, what are you actually lacking? If God is your shepherd, what are you actually fearing?

When God says worship no other, why do you worship man? Why do you call upon his graces to fill your sufficiency? Why do you rally to bring men to violence against men? For fear? For need?

When did God say to a government, force money from the wealthy to give to the poor? Did God come to the kings to anoint them to be high priests, or did he come to the sinners to heal them and make them the holy of men?

From where is your righteousness? The voting box? The ballot? The men in blue uniforms that enforce the edicts of tyrants who rule with ink and paper? When you buy food, are you not stolen from, but yet volunteer your wealth to feed the bellies of those who claim rights over you by the mighty power of ink on paper?

You, who have claimed to be of God’s chosen, you are the worst of them, when you seek a new leader, a new tyrant, saying “well he won’t be as bad as the last”. But he will, and worst. Because he won’t remove the injuries, or scars of the last tyrant. He won’t end the endless sacrifice of blood in wars. He won’t open the book of lies to show the blind followers, of this delusion that they have worshipped for generations, that their God is evil.

No. You will vote. You will stand against the knowledge of God, and cast down the works of Christ while holding this tattered banner that says YHWH. For that banner was not knitted together with the words of life, nor does it truly read as His name. But it is a fell shadow of the real banner of life, the real sigil of Freedom, the real light of the Son shine. But your are blind to this truth, for you keep your head buried in the depth of sin. Claiming that it is righteous. You claim righteousness and swim in sin, claiming that your blood money is of God. Yes, that money is from a god, but not the God. Your god is mammon, and he waits to drown you in your sin. He just abides his time until you are of no use to him.

Look not to the left of right, for you will only see men. They are reveling in their own good deeds as whores revel in their drugs and money. Or they are gnashing their teeth against the Holy in Christ, saying this or that, claiming that their philosophy is righteous, and their words are pure, where as I will tell you that the words of dirt, are dirt, regardless of how you clean it. And as you turn your head the other way, you find those who glorify themselves as some great one, claiming to a of some god or another. Glorifying themselves above the creator; let them create their own glory after this world, it won’t be found.

So don’t look to what you have, or have not, by the flesh. The flesh is passing. It is temporal. When you die, that is it. Same as your children, and theirs. But what of an eternity? What of our bloodline? Believe me, you cannot measure your life by your flesh, you are not that holy by the flesh. Your flesh was never meant to be anything more holy than a pot that holds dirt, for the seed to come.

Christ is that seed. Your life is that seed. That seed will not dry up and blow away. That seed is not fragile like the pot. That seed is not of this words, and once planted cannot be removed. That seed is your seal of Righteousness, for that seed is the Christ in you, the hope of Glory. You are that seed, and it is you. Everything that isn’t of that seed, is of the pot which will perish and is perishing.

God planted the first seed, which is Jesus Christ. He said that he was the first of many. We are like the wheat plants. The one has to grow mature, and die, that its seeds may be planted to grow more. We have that seed planted in us when we come to Christ Jesus.

For if you will to call Jesus Lord, and believe in your heart, that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with your heart you believe a righteous thing, and with your mouth, you confess yourself into his salvation. It is his righteousness, not yours, for your works have nothing to boast about. They are meaningless. You are just receiving and accepting his work.

Realize this then: If all things by the nature of man are just for our boasting, and our fearing, and control over us, but yet, none of it has any strength against the power and will of God, then why would having or not having hold any power over you? Why have you enslaved yourself to this world? Freedom is your decision, not this word. It starts with what is in your head.

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