When you look at me you may see that fat old white man.

When you look at me you may see that fat old white man. But do you see what is with me, or in me. Do you see the hard work, the losses, the heart breaks, the disappointments, and regret? I hope not. Though I may look shaggy, unkempt, and a dullard, my heart is filled with love. Love enough to overcome hatred, overcome bigotry, and illogical people.

When you look into my hand, you may see an empty hand. When I see my hand, I see hope, compassion, love, forgiveness, wonders of the past and the future to come.

When I exhale into my hand, it holds a measure of time of my life. Life that isn’t wasted on issues of destruction, but of piece, and liberty.

I am always learning to make less room in my life for those things that have no prophet in my life. If there is no spiritual gain, no warmth of my soul, then why give that thing space in my heart. Even if my heart is unlimited, that thing without gain to me is taking up space and casting a shadow in my heart.

I have learned that all men act according to what they keep in their heart. The more things they hold which rot away, the more shadows they have cast in their heart from those things.

I acknowledge and support the simple fact that money is a tool. It is a tool to work amicably with one’s own neighbor. It measures the benefit of ones work to the needs of the society, without having to create a management tool or union.

However, I also acknowledge the fact that the love of money, that is placing that greed into your heart is placing a thing that rots into a space that does not live well with rot. It cast a shadow in your heart, so that the decay is not seen until it is too late.

I cannot give you a self help book to help you clear the rot, and cast away the shadows. I can give you a light, the light, the one from YHWH. His light is fully exposed in the Son shine. As you dwell in those things above, that is to mediate on what Christ Jesus has done for you, then you will see those shadows cast aside. That rot will dry up and blow away. The lasting wound will heal, and with persistence in that Son light even the scares will heal away.

So I share this perspective with you. Not as a reflection, but a gift. You may carry it, shelve it, toss it, or forget it as you please, but you did receive it. So for this single moment, this perspective was yours to do with as you please. God Bless

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