At this point, I really hope MS goes out of business

[Edit] I have calmed way down. Several lines are being stricken from this and replaced.

So after all of the problems I have had with MS and their new mail client, I decided I would go buy a mature package that everyone seems to use, Outlook 2013.

What a fucking mistake. Go through the connection wizard to connect to my email, and FAIL. Try again, FAIL. Their crappy built in mail client works.

So here is my summary of what Windows 10 really is.

  • MS took the worst of all of their SHIT and put it together with a fresh layer of paint, then changed the whole online profile system and changed the crap out of it.
  • So their own shit isn’t even compatible with their other shit.

They have poisoned the water with me, and I was a fanboy since the late 80s. So if they want to produce crap enough to piss people like me off, I have to wonder why they deserve to stay in business.

[Added] This is a repeat of Windows Me, Windows Vista, and Windows 8. You would think after 3 massive flops, they would have learned their lesson.

BTW: I suspect this is why Windows 10 is free; it’s such a piece of crap that they wouldn’t dare charge anyone.


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