I can smell a new round of terminations

I am exaggerating, but Windows 10 has highlighted some shit that is going on at MS.

  1. If they have fucked with your email account, as they have with mine, and you want to switch to a 3rd party email client to get your hotmail/outlook/other MS domain mail, you may be pretty much screwed.
    1. The only email client I can get to work with my MS mail is the MS mail clients. Does that mean that they are not allowing competition?
    2. As crappy as their email client has become with Win 10 release, you would think that they would jump all over the chance to allow other solutions to keep their customers happy.
  2. Did you realize, that even though they treat the programs as two different programs (Names and Icons) they are one installation and the same program?
    1. So now if my Email client is fubar, so it my calendar. Sure this makes sense to use common login for both, but only if you don’t mess with both.
    2. Adding a 3rd party calendar into my system now means that I get multiple notifications for each event.

I will say that there is another reason I posted this article. If MS used a QA team that was at least half as good as Blizzard Entertainment’s, then I seriously doubt that anyone, including me, would have a single gripe with this program.

At this point, if I were a stockholder of MS, I would have passed a no confidence vote on the current leadership of MS. Windows 10 has become the biggest black eye in recent history.

[Edit] It just occurred to me that MS recently laid off a several hundred employees again. I wonder if it was in anticipation of this happening. Holy fuck if it was.

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